Tibi SS24: Playful Minimalism

The Tibi Spring/Summer 2024 collection, presented at New York Fashion Week, marked a distinct and refreshing direction for the brand, known for its “creative pragmatist” philosophy. Designer Amy Smilovic, recognized for her minimalist and modern aesthetic, infused the collection with unexpected elements, emphasizing versatility and playfulness.

A highlight of the collection was the frilly tuxedo shirt in pastel colors, a departure from Tibi’s usual minimalist style. These shirts were envisioned as multi-functional pieces, suitable for various occasions, from beachwear to evening wear. This inclusion of ruffles into Tibi’s collection, though surprising, underscored the brand’s evolving and playful identity.

Smilovic’s approach in recent years has been focused on assisting individuals in creating personal wardrobes that reflect their style. Her book, “The Creative Pragmatist,” serves as a guide to dressing in a way that is chill, modern, and classic. She also offers online outfit building advice, reflecting her commitment to personal expression through clothing, a theme that resonates throughout the Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

The collection showcased Tibi’s confidence in its brand identity, with a disregard for fleeting fashion trends. This self-assurance was evident in the designs, which included asymmetrical blazers, ankle-skimming skirts, relaxed trousers paired with flats, and innovative details like boots designed to look like socks and ballet flats, and blazers with cutouts for watches. The collaboration with LL Bean, reworking their iconic Boat and Totes with added belts and grips, was a testament to the brand’s focus on functionality and style.

The collection also featured intriguing draping, such as a gray sweatshirt with a billowing back, adding an unexpected twist to a familiar item. The finale of the show was a playful combination of tuxedo shirts with jeans, demonstrating Tibi’s ability to blend eccentricity with their collections.

Overall, the Tibi Spring/Summer 2024 collection was a celebration of the brand’s “creative pragmatist” philosophy, bringing a sense of joy and playfulness to the fashion world. It stood out as a testament to Tibi’s commitment to enabling individuals to express their style with confidence and authenticity.

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