This is my Oasis!

So far, there are only two places on earth that can bring me huge amount of excitement; NYC and the Greek island of Mykonos. My verdict about them is that they are both tremendous powerhouses of positive energy or at least they work like this for me. I love the people, the settings, the smiles, the view, and generally the little details that make the difference. Mykonos is my most favorite summer place and sometimes I also spend there some incredible springtime moments. These pictures come from my recent Easter vacations and there are many more that will follow in my next posts. As you will realize the whole place can easily become an amazing source of inspiration and relaxation!!!

My red Rayban Wayfarers!

Boys ringing the bells outside a church! It’s Easter!

Little Venice, Mykonos

Part of a windmill!

One more church celebrating Easter!

It’s not fluffy, but solid sculpture!

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