Red on Red!


What’s your opinion about this combo of red ensemble, red alligator coat and golden nail art? It may sound kitsch but looks classy by all means. Norman Ambrose has this bold and seductive idea about red on red with golden accents – for Fall/Winter 2013– and we totally congratulate the designer for that. Being brave is one of the virtues of creative people, which means that by definition designers should always step forward. I love the interplay of textures as well as the actual choice of this shade of red. It’s sweet and warm, bright and flattering to most women.

And about the nails… I could easily adopt something as much extravagant as this to enhance my eveningwear. It’s a detail which most people will notice. This mood for vividness and femininity is our remedy for the dullness of the winterscape, and the way to make a meaningful contrast.

People get messages from our looks, so make sure that you’re sending the right ones with what you are dressed in. Talking about messages, I wished that this impressive coat was croc-embossed and not actual alligator leather, because we do care for extinct animals and we want to be as much eco-friendly as we can. The whole fashion industry is working hard in order to invent great-quality alternatives to exotic leathers and all kinds of rare materials. And the good news is that some of them are far more affordable than the genuine ones.

But in fact, this fabulous coat is made of actual alligator leather, so the message sent is a lot different. It’s a message about luxury and haute craftsmanship, affluence, and flamboyance. I’m not going to judge the designer for that, but definitely some high-street brands are going to copy paste the piece in faux leather or even wool. Anyway, I really like the silhouette suggested here and the coral red employed, and I can easily predict that this red is going to be one of the most popular for the upcoming season!

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