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The Game of Textures!


Exotic florals playing peekaboo among frills and pleats… Oversize crystals hidden behind faux-fur bushes… That was the landscape of my last night’s outfit planned to be special and romantic! The weather is still cold, so I wanted to be warm and cozy, but also very chic and eye-catching! It was the first time I was wearing this phenomenal Suno skirt, with multiple asymmetries and a bit of charming sheen, but it was also one of the many times I wrapped myself in this exquisite safety-pin-secured Marc Jacobs stole!


The unifying element was this beautiful amber yellow, both in the crystals of the stole and all over the skirt, reminding me of old yellowed paper or papyrus ruffled in an extraordinary way! The final look is not that loud, but it’s clearly sophisticated enough to turn heads among an educated-in-fashion crowd. It’s always expected of a Marc Jacobs piece to get most of the attention but similar comment I can make for many of the Suno pieces! I was recently very impressed by their CFDA awards story, posted in an interview for the American Vogue channel on YouTube. They’re truly talented and deserve many more honors!


In the beginning I was a bit puzzled with my decision to buy this skirt, since it’s not in my signature color palette, but soon I realized that it was very much in my quirky girly style, and agreed with my love for precious wearable things! It looks unique, and mixed with my incredible stole, it’s all about the game of textures. Hope you really enjoyed the mix and stay tuned for more of my coveted items coming soon!


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