The End of Toxins

sublimage1A new botanical ingredient, which sounds “rare”, the Himalayan golden flower’s concentrate, used in Tibetan medicine for centuries, is the basis of Chanel’s ultra-luxe and exclusive purification medium, the Sublimage Essential Revitalizing Concentrate. It is a serum that promises to detoxify your skin due to the rare flower’s concentrate – the Golden Champa PFA. Light and penetrating, it frees cells of toxins and environmental debris, restoring them to their purest, youthful state. Though expensive ($425 at Neiman Marcus) it is attractive to many women who tend to realize the importance of skin’s detoxification. Needless to say that other luxury brands, such as Dior, popularize, through their products, the “end of toxins” as the beginning of eternal youth. The new concentrate is the new added value for the Sublimage line which includes wonderful Regenerating Creams. Possibly this new “miracle” will pass over the Essential Regenerating Concentrate serum, an older alternative.

Ένα από τα must της σεζόν, εκτός από τη χρήση του βιοηλεκτρισμού ως μέσου αντιγήρανσης, είναι ο ορρός της Chanel από τη σειρά Sublimage για την αποτοξίνωση της επιδερμίδας. Το νέο πολυτελές προϊόν συζητιέται πολύ αυτές τις μέρες καθώς υπόσχεται την αναγέννηση της επιδερμίδας σας.

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