Sportmax is Smart and Classical

sportmax1Due to its special relation with MaxMara, the Sportmax collection is dealing mostly with timeless elegance, though in a more innovative sense. Italian style enriched with French inspiration – elements from the 1967 French musical “Les Demoiselles de Rochefort” (Catherine Deneuve and Gene Kelly) constitute a unique combination for Spring 2011. Mini A-line skirts and dresses, butterfly appliqués and candy-colored stripes enhanced the youthful mood, people always seek to restore when weather gets warmer. The collection’s goal to bring Spring to the wardrobe seems to be acheived. One of the most interesting and elegant pieces was the fitted dark denim dress. Among the “classicals” are trench and raincoats as well as the pieces with cut-out motifs. Variations of pinks and reds put together created a rather sophisticated modern look. Thin belts worn on the waist over dresses and jackets create well-contoured silhouettes. Sequins give a sparkle into otherwise sportive outfits. Orange prevails in many cases. It is equally luminous with the sunshine yellow. The styles are completed with lace-up pumps. These are the apparel and accessories, everybody could be willing to pay for, during a period of economic crisis.

Ιδανική για την περίοδο της κρίσης, η συλλογή Sportmax για την Άνοιξη 2011 φέρνει στο φως κλασικά κομμάτια σε νεανικό στυλ, που θα πληρώσετε τώρα αλλά θα φοράτε για πολλά χρόνια.

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