Survival kit and luggage for the Fashion Week!

– Organize in advance the actual content of your luggage and the way to arrange everything inside. Create beforehand your daily outfits, photograph them and keep them in a digital file. Keep notes of everything you want to include, or buy last minute. I usually write them down in my iPhone!

– Since the trickiest part is your beauty case, just make a detailed list of necessary products and tools, including makeup remover and cotton pads, which I tend to forget.


– Build up a meaningful survival kit that includes first aid, a stylist’s essentials (double adhesive tape, buttons, stain-removers etc.), and stuff you mostly need while on-the-go. Go to the drugstore to get some helpful ideas about these tiny saviors. Get them all travel-size!

– Your luggage should not be heavy and hard to carry. Think wisely and choose fashionable items that are lightweight, non-iron or hard-to-crease, durable, resistant, and easy-to-pack. All these considerations should be made quite early, to have enough time for modifications, shifts, and unpredictable situations to be addressed last minute. Be prepped! Fashion Week is coming!


Elena Sendona

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