Maintaining a functional NY MB Fashion Week calendar!

– As you go along in organizing your personal schedule during that period, you might (hopefully) be overwhelmed by the number of invites, the assignments, and the volatility of your action-packed chart of your stay. Write down everything right away and keep it in digital form (iPhone, iPad, tablets etc.). Don’t postpone keeping notes because it’s easy to forget some of your invites, and then mess it up. Every time you encounter two or more same-date-and-hour events, just make a quick decision on which one you’re finally going to attend.

Send RSVPs on time, and keep your confirmed invites in a separate folder in your email box. It will be easier, then, to find them and retrieve the necessary barcodes for entering each venue.

Close to the date of the event, request possible confirmation from PRs and designers that got your RSVP but didn’t follow up.

– If that makes it easier for you, print the official MB Fashion Week schedule of events out, and mark down with your fancy neon Sharpie the shows you are confirmed for. Add your extras at the back of the page.

Copy the whole schedule to your iPhone (or other phone) and add notifications usually half an hour before the event. Distances are short in this city, so wherever you are, you might probably catch the forgotten event!

Stay in contact and respond on time to all kinds of publicists, event coordinators etc., because they sometimes need you to confirm and reconfirm, or give them extra info about days of arrival and departure, name of the hotel, or your intention to get backstage access and an interview from the designer (if you’re press).


Elena Sendona

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