Still Smells Summer!


Sensuous Nude by Estee Lauder has been a great choice for this summer but let me tell you that summer is not over yet, so we can keep on using it, charming people all the time! I love this picture with flowers you can easily find in Greece and not only. You can see them in most gardens, adding color to the setting! I know that you cannot easily describe a perfume. You can call it sensual and feminine, but even that can get a great variety of interpretations. I also share the view that you cannot easily suggest a perfume to someone else, unless you know him very well. This perfume is a woody one containing Sicilian Bergamot and pulpy Mandarin as top notes, featuring also a heart enriched with Coconut Water, Honey, and Jasmine. Ingredients as well as the category of the perfume might marginally clarify the picture, but in fact the only way to understand, is to test it on you!

Looking for the right perfume is a very demanding task, and usually there are very few in the market, which really match your style and mood. That shows how unique you are! We are all different personalities, and despite various experiments in the past, there are no rational rules that can easily lead you to the perfect scent. Trying more, you are getting closer but you never know if you are close enough. Maybe it happens when you feel comfortable in it, but sometimes we are getting confused because comfort doesn’t always coincide with the impact your perfume has to others. Your boyfriend might tell he’s crazy with your perfume, but you might disagree a little bit… Thank God we happen to agree on perfumes and style, and the rest. But overall, perfume is a controversial subject. I guess that we all have to be experimental with perfumes, in the same way we are with fashion. We need to enjoy life! We need to celebrate the beauty of a scent. We need things that tease our senses!


Elena Sendona

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