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It’s a little bit warmer today in Athens, so I’m trying to get dressed in light-weight fabrics, as well as make a plan for shopping summer vacation essentials. Today I received a wonderful white and blue sarong designed by Heidi Klein. It’s the same fabric and brand recently chosen to be worn by Cressida Bonas, at the Thomas van Straubenzee and Lady Melissa Percy wedding, in the form of a super flattering maxi dress. And it’s not only the print, but also this pom-pom trim in my sarong, that makes the difference as a magnificent detail!

Heidi Klein has a fantastic website and online store which focuses on summer getaway outfit of great quality and quite good prices. I did my shopping though through Net-a-Porter since it’s my regular way of finding statement pieces and of course I discovered her online ‘home’ afterwards. I actually started my search when I realized that Cressida was wearing same print as I did. I’m so thrilled when I get the trends before other people around me do, or simultaneously with some of the most coveted fashion icons and celebrities on earth!

Cressida is quite famous right now as Prince Harry’s girlfriend, and I recognize in her style mild bohemian elements combined with a purely British influence. She’s a modern ‘princess’ I could say. Girls of her status stand out in terms of exquisite style and a special preference for high quality. I chose this sarong because compared to others – mainly designer pieces – it has a good ratio of price to quality. Before that, I came across some designer sarongs made of 100% polyester at higher prices, which is totally frustrating and unacceptable.

It’s quite fortunate that many less known or new designers raise the bar in terms of fabrics and tailoring. For that matter, I’m encouraging you to go through new designer stuff and try their suggestions. It’s the new generation of fashion design and it seems that they know what they are doing. And my piece of advice for the established ones is: don’t ever water down your materials’ quality and standards just for the shake of achieving lower prices and attracting more clients. People who don’t seriously invest on high fashion, but need to look fashionable will find enough affordable choices in high street brands, while designers should stay true to their heritage and loyal to their clients’ universe.

On the other hand, clients have to make responsible choices looking thoroughly for the right fabric, form or tailoring, those ones suitable to their lifestyles and profiles. I’m very careful while shopping online, cross checking everything from size and details, to prices and return policy. And when at physical stores – which is a rare occasion – I’m just browsing, getting the actual feel of the clothes and accessories, comparing brands, and having little chats with the most talented salespersons. Smart shopping requires in-depth research – deeper than the one required when we are assigned some sort of a college or university paper! Seriously, it’s not an easy task. You need to practice and even make some mistakes, before actually being able to achieve a flawless, value-for-money look, your ultimate purpose being the development of a strictly personal style.

I still experiment with millions of things, but at least I have the right parameters in my mind, when doing so. Most of the people have a certain budget for fashion on a monthly basis, and this is the case with me. This means that our basic parameter is to find things that we now or will soon need – pieces that will complement our wardrobe and will be well combined with clothes and accessories we already have. In other words we should customize the suggested prêt-a-porter of the season and blend it with tailor-made things and previous season treasures we own. At this moment, there is a great chance to get fabulous Spring/Summer 2013 pieces with the seasonal sale happening around. Most of the stores offer their ‘gems’ at lower prices right now, so start shopping smartly and cautiously! Have a wonderful day!


Elena Sendona

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