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The S Factor!


Are you, my dearest fashionistas, highly concerned about the size factor when looking for new frocks? Finding clothes in your exact size is not always an easy task. This is why I want to share with you a little secret that saves styles! The clothing size format that you and I know was invented during the 1800’s by industrialists so they could maximize mass production and make more money. Stanford Row is a fabulously new on-line marketplace with an on-site fitting room, bringing hundreds and hundreds of designers, all presenting their uniquely gorgeous clothes, all made to measure!  These are not big businesses, selling as much as they can for as little effort as they can get away with.  These are talented, creative, hard-working people from all over the globe, producing little miracles which are worth every cent.

 It’s time to celebrate our bumps and curves and expect the clothes to conform to them, not the other way around. It’s time to return to the joy of a garment well made, perfectly fitted, and gloriously unique made just for you. Visit now and definitely register!

You can solve, of course, this problem of finding the right fit by adjusting clothes you like with the help of a good seamstress but, whichever your way is, you shouldn’t compromise with a mediocre fit, otherwise you’re wasting time and money on clothes you are not supposed to wear. You deserve to look perfect all the time, and it seems that this is not a luxury anymore.

In Athens, for example, we have so many highly experienced and talented tailors who make clothes for a reasonable fee. There are also some wonderful stores for nice fabrics at reasonable prices. Nevertheless, my own advice is that you could start getting a little bit more digital, ordering online and supporting innovative ideas and initiatives such as StanfordRow. I was excited by the news of this site, being myself rather sensitive about the problem of the petite sizes which is a little underestimated by our western culture. All people, men and women, really deserve to be dressed flawlessly, and not spend that much!

As I’ve said in previous articles, I’m a petite as well, and that was another reason why I decided to become a designer creating fashions at smaller sizes, not only for people with Asian proportions but also for all the girls who are quite slim and at the same time very fashionable. Stay tuned because more of my creations are coming off by the end of this week, and they are quite extravagant in materials and design. I’m collecting exquisite fabrics from the most amazing cities of the world, because I believe that a rare fabric is the starting point for a rare look. And then let’s mold this amazing fabric into our wonderful body, sending boldly the message that this piece of apparel we produced actually belongs to us!

Personally, I’m not at all in favor of mass produced things and the idea of ‘fast fashion’ which has completely destroyed the allure of sur mesure and placed Haute Couture to the sideways of the fashion industry. And my suggestion to the fashion designers is to slow down the creative process a little bit so as to enjoy it more and offer products of greater quality to those who still happen to appreciate it. We’ve seen how tormented John Galliano was by the necessity of producing tens of collections per year when at Dior, and how bored all the clients are in a world where everything looks so disposable.

We truly need less but better clothes in our closet, which will be completely representative and indicative of our profiles and lifestyle, 100% convenient and fitted to our body. Let’s make our own revolution, choosing more quality and customization over cheesy consumerism and unflattering exaggeration. Customers are the driving force and it’s them who are going to set the tone!!!


Elena Sendona

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