My Romantic Inspiration!


I got a lot of inspiration today and put it down on paper drawing fashion sketches and making new suggestions to all of you. Most of them will soon be included in my collection so stay tuned to see the whole thing in tangible form. Well, couple of nights before I had a very romantic dinner in a beautiful small garden at the heart of Athens, listening to retro music from a band of wonderful musicians. Then, yesterday I went to the beach, and who can’t tell that it’s a super romantic place as well? Then, being full of positive energy and creativity, I started sketching once again.


Designers need always beautiful pictures and views in order to be motivated to start work. Well, my sketches came quite spontaneously without any pressure and consideration. I was thinking about colors and forms and the beautiful summer we have in front of us and thought why not? Let’s make this feeling… wearable! My colleagues will be thrilled with my new ideas! As for you my friends, hope you like it.


You know, inspiration is something which needs specially favorable conditions in order to bloom. Creative people need a special environment inside which they can happily develop their vision and ideas. And that’s how it works for me as well. I’m more or less in a vacation mood with a wonderful summer weather but at the same time this idea of escapism helps me unfold my imagination and gives me precious freedom to design things as they come up in my mind. Ideas and concepts pop up and I just grab them without even thinking about it. Honestly, when you are inspired, you don’t need a lot of effort in order to create. Personally, I just need a huge pack of blank paper and some pencils.


Lately, I’m trying to color my sketches with new mediums and my current obsession is pencils and nail lacquers. They might smell a little bit, but the result is impressive. Try those ones with glitter or shimmer and you’ll realize what I mean by that. In fact, I love sparkly things and this is another way to express myself with these colors which I have in abundance since most of the companies are sending me their samples of nail lacquers. If you have spare colors, make something with them and send it to me in order to publish it with you name or nickname. I’ll be glad to do so!


Anyway, did you see all these best and worst dressed of the week that most of the online magazines are presenting every now and then? I just love some of them! And if you ask about my own neon pink outfit, it’s a dress that I was recently gifted from a very good friend of mine for my birthday! Isn’t it cute? I’m also wearing a head-piece with blue feathers bought few years ago from Accessorize. I think that this dark blue color contrasts very well the pinky nature of the dress and gives a ‘wow’ factor! Do you agree?


Accessories are always the best part of an attire since they spice it up effectively and they usually are far less expensive than the super nice clothes we wear. And by that I don’t necessarily mean luxury accessories but just fancy accessories you can buy from high street brands that respect fashionality, style, and follow the trends! Think about it! You don’t need to spend a lot. You just have to cultivate your talent to mix and match. Every woman is talented in that. Practice and you’ll discover your secret powerhouse! Well, have an amazing week, keep on stunning the world and we’ll talk soon!!!

Elena Sendona

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