Sizzling Pink!


Once more we have the chance to see wonderful pictures from the Saratoga Springs Race Track and Luncheon organized by the New York Racing Association and sponsored by Escada to Support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. As a reference to the cause and mission of this event, the prevailing color was that implied by naming it the Sizzling Hot Pink Saratoga Hat Luncheon. Most ladies were sporting impressive pink hats and the same color prevailed in the decoration of the tables with amazing center-pieces creating an atmosphere. Some of the elegant looks featured Escada pieces, sold also during the event through a pop-up store at the race track. Michelle Riggi, Honorary Luncheon Chairwoman grabbed all of the attention with her over-the-top pink hat adorned with large bows while others resorted to the safety zone a total white look generously offers. There was even an Escada Race Award that was presented at some point obviously to those who triumphantly ‘won the race’. TV Presenter Benita Zahn looked fabulous in her pink sheath dress and matching hat, and overall the ladies gave a great positive message helping others to survive and fight with optimism!


Elena Sendona


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