Shaving Time is Precious!

You can’t save time shaving, since it is a time-consuming choice versus others that can solve your problem of unwanted body hair with minimum involvement. Laser or wax hair removal or depilation creams and machines require less frequent use but for some women are still regarded risky ventures, especially for certain body areas. If you happen to be traditional then you certainly resort to razor every 2-3 days like me. I am still skeptical about the way some dermatologists apply laser and I certainly don’t feel safe about the aftermath of the procedure. I don’t want to see my skin red and irritated, since it’s very sensitive. I am not sacrificing my comfort for beauty and I really don’t want to feel pain, which is the case with waxing and some other depilators. I may try laser at some point in the future but in the meantime I am just using good quality razors, a process that is equally demanding but not at all painful. It needs patience and talent, in order to avoid any major injuries, but as far as you are careful, the result is awesome. I included shaving in my beauty routine and it came as a part of my shower, whenever necessary. My favorite razor is Gillette Venus in its many different seasonal versions, because its design minimizes the risk of cuts and irritations leaving your skin smooth and velvety. It glides well and it has a curvy plastic frame that prevents the blades from hurting you. They just remove hair. It also includes a moisture stripe that takes care of your skin as it glides. I prefer Venus, not because bombshell Jennifer Lopez stars its ads, but due to all these advantages. I’ve been hurt with some other razors before that; so I ended up being more selective with that kind of products.

What I am always careful about is avoiding areas with pimples, wounds and moles, where the razor can cause cuts, not finding a smooth surface in its way up or down. For my armpit hair I prefer the Wilkinson Rasier Shaving Mousse, a foam specially made for women, in an adorable metallic pinky bottle. For my bikini and legs I continue with my favorite Relaxing Yuan Zhi Molton Brown Bath and Shower Gel with delicious smell and deep purple color. This is a true beauty ritual for me, revealing after that my fresh and reborn self. After shaving I avoid any alcohol-based moisturizers and of course perfumes. Instead, I am applying Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, a multi-usage dry oil which nourishes, repairs and softens skin. It’s a luxury product in a geometrical glass bottle you would love to keep in your boudoir and use it almost everyday. As it seems, shaving can be far more pleasant than you are thinking of, if you use the right products. Great razors with a smartly-designed handle and high-quality beauty products can make a huge difference. Do you want to try it at least once? Give me your feedback!

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