Just Remove Eye Makeup Residue!

When you demakeup it is very crucial that you remove any trace of color or product from all over your face and neck gently, focusing mostly in areas where access is limited. Any kind of crease or corner should be cleaned carefully, especially those ones along the lower eyelid where excess mascara is concentrated during the cleansing process. For that matter, when it comes to eyes, I firstly remove eye makeup with a cotton pad and then I am dipping the tip of a cotton bud to a little bit of my favorite instant gentle cleansing oil, which is my Dior Huile Douceur Démaquillant Express, and leave this damp tip glide along my lid removing any trace of mascara and eyeliner there. That way I avoid rubbing my eye lids which harms the skin’s soft texture in this sensitive area. You can damp carefully the tip of the cotton bud at the end of the face cleansing process, placing the stick on your already damp cotton pad and pouring on it, through the product’s easy-to-use pump, just a drop of oil. Then use it directly along the lower eyelid without pressing or rubbing at all. You will see the color leftovers immediately onto the cotton stick’s tip. Dior’s Oil is for all skin types (use it all over your face), so you don’t need to worry about it or fear of possible irritation. It’s one of the gentler cleansing products ever. After that, you can apply under the lower lid, not very close to the lashes, your matching eye cream and you’ll have the perfect clear gaze. Your eyes will look refreshed!

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