Shades of White!


When weather is truly hot, then the obvious choice in terms of outfit is the so-called ‘shades of white’. It might be off-white, snow-white or white mixed with blue, but in any case white is fresher and cooler. Needless to mention that in the summer, white reflects light keeping you cool and protected.

I made this choice recently, while on a short trip to the shores of central Greece. I had to attend some sort of a religious ceremony there – the equivalent of a Christening in the US – and needed to look effortless chic and feel comfy. For that matter, I decided to wear a light-weight off-white Zara top with a bright white flared cotton pants from J.Crew which was a complete success. I glamorized this super simple look with Kenneth Jay Lane clip earrings in gold and turquoise. That was all about it! People gave me compliments for my earrings and personally I was in great mood!

Last night was equally hot, so I decided to repeat the look in a slightly different version: substituting the Zara top with an Alexander Wang long-sleeved T-shirt enriched with this tremendously trendy detail; the square pocket. My flared pants looked awesome in combination with brown suede Michael Kors wedges. It made me look taller and added a sexy feel to the look.

To the right of this page you’ll see my earrings and I have to say that Kenneth Jay Lane is not only my favorite jewelry designer, but a name which is so popular right now for beautifully made impressive pieces which make a statement and can be more or less called affordable. Most items are colorful and fancy, glamorous and classy, and do not cost that much. They are the perfect accent for a clean, simple or basic look. Wear them with monochrome cloths and you’ll certainly grab attention. I bought this pair of earrings from Net-a-Porter, which is my natural spot to shop, and I can assure that it has a very interesting collection of bling-bling items from this brand – some of them with a tempting sale!!!


Elena Sendona

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