Rhode: Intentional Skincare by Hailey Bieber

These skincare essentials developed by Hailey Rhode Bieber are pure magic for minimalists and those into self-care! Rhode is a line of curated skincare essentials. Formulated for a variety of skin types and needs with high-performance ingredients, it’s a daily routine that nourishes your skin barrier over time. Simplicity, affordability, authenticity, quality, and transparency are core values for the brand. It doesn’t look just like a celebrity-founded brand; it shows passion and dedication by Hailey and the scientists involved with it.

Every Rhode product is made from purposeful, clean, high-performance ingredients at efficacious levels. Suitable for all skin types. Non-comedogenic. Non-irritating. Non-sensitizing.

An innovator in the field, Dr. Robinson is an award-winning chemist with over 20 years of experience developing products for top beauty brands. He and Dr. Bhanusali, a leading dermatologist in the skincare industry, guide product innovation at Rhode.

The brand is designed for people who want to see results without using too many products and a lengthy multi-step daily beauty routine. It’s for all busy girls out there! Keywords in the Rhode daily care are the three steps: Glaze (Hailey’s sweet word for an outstandingly healthy glow), Restore, and Treat.

Three products make your day! The “peptide glazing fluid” is the first step to dewy, glazed skin. A lightweight, quick-absorbing, gel serum that visibly plumps and hydrates to support a healthy skin barrier. The “barrier restore cream” is a rich, but lightweight, cream moisturizer to comfort, soothe, and restore the skin barrier. The brand’s antioxidant peptide powerhouse delivers hydrated, smoother, softer skin over time. Finally, the “peptide lip treatment” is a restorative lip treatment for naturally plump, pillowy-soft lips — day or night. This dreamy formula leaves lips looking glossy and works hard to protect and nourish dry skin from within. It comes unscented or preferably in salted caramel or watermelon slice scent! If savvy enough to try them all, get the Rhode kit with all five products (including the 3 versions of the lip treatment).

Join the waitlist – they are currently sold out but Hailey promises she’ll be back soon!!!

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