Pyer Moss Champions Dialogue Since Day One

It’s not news. Pyers Moss has been advocating dialogue, experimentation, collaboration, and reevaluation since its very first day as a brand. Its limited-edition offerings are opening the window for introspection and exchange of views. It is one of the leading forces in the fashion industry regarding inclusivity, thoughtfulness, and boundary-pushing attitude. Its founder Kerby Jean-Raymond has been totally committed to pioneer change before even that was a mainstream perspective. He describes this brand – founded in 2013 – as an “art project” or “a timely social experiment”. Like now, for example, with the pandemic raising the bar and expectations, even more, making a change in attitudes a necessity, and a time-sensitive one. There is a rebelliousness in the mix, but not for its sake and definitely not for promotional reasons. Pyer Moss is tapping and delving into serious issues reflecting on humanity’s future and shows that many things affect our daily lives.

The clothes bring joy and give a hint at what people can do to improve their reality. Produced in New York City, Italy, and Portugal, the collections — along with the runway shows and presentations — “combine storytelling, activism, debate, theatre, and social commentary; all while using collaboration with artists and brands as a medium to further the dialogue around seasonal themes,” as mentioned in the official website. Being a platform that challenges social narratives is a core philosophy for the brand. Designing for men, women, and definitely across gender lines, Kerby puts niche topics and aspects centerstage, proving their relevance, often educating his audience or encouraging them to go deeper, beyond the obvious radiance of the colors and motifs. This luxury brand is a sophistication that is becoming mainstream, and awareness beyond the cliche definitions of the word. A T-shirt accented with the “Civilize Yourself” motto might give us some hints at the brand’s vision, yet the message is far more multi-faceted. Another one says, “If you are just learning about Pyer Moss, we forgive you,” a nod at all the effort made by the brand to get from being ignored to being heard loudly.

You might call Pyer Moss a luxury streetwear brand, and we all know that there is huge competition in this category, yet in its current state, it would have been an understatement to call it as such merely.

Teaming up with artists such as Richard Phillips, who “spent more years behind bars than any other wrongfully imprisoned person in America… and painted to stave off the loneliness” for four decades, Pyer Moss highlights injustice and talent universality. The artist’s prints became garments and accessories of immense beauty and impact – one dress from this collaboration, beaded with Swarovski crystals, priced at $18,000! It’s about celebrating those who deserve to be glorified, an artist who refused to miss his life and made something out of his surreal journey. Such heartfelt stories and the innovation behind the brand attracted industry heavyweights, including footwear giant Reebok they are teaming up on a line since 2018. Every single item produced carries lots of research and a great mentality, spreading optimism around the world that fashion can lead its next chapter and contribute to society. As I have told you before, I feel that more and more brands are finding their pace and heading in the right direction. What a better conclusion to a year that challenged everybody so much! Rightfully so, Jean-Raymond of Pyer Moss received the CFDA Award for American Menswear Designer of the Year 2020.

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