New York City Images in Barcelona!

Toni Francesc has chosen NYC as the subject of the first Photography Exhibition presented in the multipurpose space of the Barcelona store. Relationship between the designer and NYC is strong, after four seasons presenting his collections in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and he wanted to honor this personal link. I totally agree with him! NYC vibes are engaging… even addictive, one could say. Especially if you have this great experience of the Fashion Week!

With “Extractos de la Gran Manzana” (Extracts from the Big Apple), photographer Ernesto Costanzo brings a selection of images taken during his trips to New York City. A tireless traveler, his photographs capture the elements that give identity and authenticity to the places he visits, offering a personal alternative to the traditional travel photography. This exhibition presents his view of New York City after walking around and exploring the city, being surprised around every corner, and catching the emotion of the moment so that the essence of that unique and special instant remains captured in his work forever. Toni is a multi-faceted talent appreciating the work of other artists and inspired by it. I love his collections and shows and I really share his strong connection with NYC. Can’t wait to see his next show there!

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