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I’m always excited about new upcoming talents in the fashion industry, especially in design. I love to support them the way I would wish they will be supporting me as a new designer myself. When I got informed about Ellie Lines’ next step, I felt this peculiar feeling of being proud of someone else’s achievement whose work I’m not so familiar with, but I have an instant, keen interest in seeing it. It’s all about newness; a new approach or idea is always mind-awakening. When a new name or role appears in front of me, I just want to get introduced to it, and, if worthy, share it with others.

What was her prior involvement with the fashion spectrum? I checked her website and blog, and thought you might like it. As it seems, she’s taking baby steps right now, and at this stage I totally identify with her, since my own collection doesn’t exceed 15 pieces. What’s important for beginners in fashion design is to make things the way they feel it’s right and never compromise in terms of quality and innovation. Capsule collections are always far more exciting. They’re small but they represent concentrated creativity; this kind of inventiveness which looks like a juicy fruit full of essence! Another similarity I found is that we both come from a stylist/editor background which means that our previous job is not at all irrelevant to our current project. This is why I would love to share with you Ellie’s brief profile and presentation…

After many years of working as a stylist, Ellie Lines has pulled together her love and knowledge of how a good dress works, and made a collection of beautiful and timeless dresses. Each style has been made with a friend in mind and rather than focusing on just one type of girl Ellie has considered many; producing a collection that has a dress for everyone and every occasion. This is very much a British brand and quality is of great importance, which is why each dress will be made in London. Cruise 2014 is a capsule collection of eight dresses. It focuses mostly on silk in her exclusive designs and also includes two dresses, the Gemma and the Catherine in a Liberty print cotton. Prices: £450 – £975.

I think it sounds and looks quite charming, and even more charming is the fact that talent in our little fashionable world is flowing, and with the help of social media, we are kept interconnected, learning about it faster and easier than ever!


Elena Sendona


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