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As a regular at the MB Fashion Week in NYC, I know that in February chilly weather and possible snowstorms pose the greatest of challenges to my quest of setting up a chic, eye-catching wardrobe. Smart layering is the key to a picture-perfect look for a journalist attending the FW shows. With this premise in mind, I more or less decided to layer fur – faux and real – under or over wool coats and jackets to feel warm and comfy.


From the comments I received, I realized that I looked great in these polymorphic looks, which was definitely a personal bet while I was planning and preparing them! In my luggage I had two amazing Marc Jacobs stoles – one decorated with oversize crystals and pieces of faux fur – one black mink fur coat, two colorful fur vests, one heavy wool navy blue coat, one dark purple tweed coat, one silver/black tweed jacket, and one purple mink cape.


I mixed and matched different shades of purple, navy blue with ruby red, black with silver, and basically incorporated some black – the signature NYC color – in every outfit.  I accessorized these looks with comfortable shoes – Dior snow boots   trimmed with fur and Karl Lagerfeld black and white booties with invisible rubber sole for safe steps. My Dior snow boots got most of the attention, due to their oversized pom poms while my booties received flattering comments because of their punkish chains and white K-shaped pattern on black heels.


I was carrying just a black patent leather Dior clutch, mostly because I decided to take with me just an iPhone and my credit cards. To get into the shows I only needed a scanner-friendly barcode, sent to me via email the day before! Having a little high fashion clutch with you is a front- row attitude as I once read, so I finally adopted this logic and finished with inconveniently heavy oversized bags!


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Highlights to my winter looks were my leopard and black pairs of leather gloves, my oversized chain-and-crystals Noir Jewelry necklace and my purple mottled-effect crystal necklace by Erdem. Occasionally -when cold was getting too extreme – I wore my Marc by Marc Jacobs black and sparkling blue beanie over my meticulously straight hair.


I was very fortunate to have all these warm pieces – especially my sustainable and all-natural furs – which enabled me to battle the weather and follow my busy schedule 100%. When the streets were getting a bit dirty and wet from the melting snow, I was triumphantly walking in my Dior moon boots, watching many other girls slipping in their torturing high heels, deducting a lot from the allure of their outfits!


I preferred all those fashionistas who put a greater effort in figuring out the perfect combos of comfiness and elegance! There were many of them and this time proved that, after all, extreme, non-wearable fashion can only be displayed on catwalks; not the actual streets! In fact, this fashion week redirected attention to the runways attracting mostly people heavily involved in the fashion industry and for that matter looking far more refined and sophisticated than those spoiling the whole thing over previous seasons.


Being chic,  but not too loud and showy, was my intention from the beginning. If you know a lot about fashion you end up being more selective but still experimental. My color palette this season was toned down and consisted mostly of darker shades, but still there were textures and details that I never tried before. In that sense, I guess I gave my little input in what we call fashion innovation – especially when I mixed fake with real fur and stripped textured wool with stripped mink. People love to see things mixed in an unexpected way and sometimes these initiate the most charming chats! When piling up magically stoles and coats, I was asked if I was wearing a single piece or more of them, realizing that I created successful illusions and the best conversation-starters!


Under these beautiful covers you could also find rare pieces such as my Creatures of the Wind intricately embroidered skirt, my Elena Sendona velvet jupe, and my Aminaka Wilmont printed leggings!  Ultimately, I was equally chic on the inside, with pieces that were mostly visible when taking off my coats! These garments could not be detected by the photographers standing outside the tents. I was praised though by my fashionable friends during our wonderful dinners and drinks in the evenings after the shows!


I was proud to feel and look original! Grabbing this opportunity, I suggest that most of the times – regardless of the occasion – you should dress up for yourself, choosing clothes and accessories that reveal your personality! Being genuine is a great virtue! Keep this in mind and stay tuned for more of my analysis coming soon!


Elena Sendona





P.S. All the real fur pieces, as well as the silver/black jacket, the navy blue wool and the deep purple tweed coat are included to my Capsule Collection Elena Sendona – Dress the Petites.

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