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Modern Spirituality, Cool Darkness and Survivor Spirit in NYC!

There were three predominant trends or ideas during the NY MB Fashion Week FW 14, closely related to each other. It was the survivor spirit, modern spirituality, and the element of cool darkness! The whole setting was an indicator of this, while the designers amplified the general aura through their collections!

There was a great deal of modern spirituality at the fashion shows with collections presented at former preaching rooms or other religious spaces, under some gospel or Gregorian hymn sounds, and inspired by monkish or medieval ‘sacred’ outfits. Religion or spirituality is certainly a way to battle the adversities of our times – a strong message put forward by the designers in many relevant ways. Fashion can be zen and spiritual and extremely supportive in our effort to have a better planet and a better world around us. Current conditions further legitimized this new twist. There was darkness and hope, difficulties but also the determination to overcome them.

Outside it was freezing cold and snow-white, while inside the tents at Lincoln Center there was an all-black situation floor to ceiling! The extreme weather conditions in combination with the darkness of the tents’ decor were matchy-matchy with the abundance of black on the catwalks, as well as the appearance of creations inspired by places on earth that are well-known for their visible climate changes and extreme natural environment! There was a lot of discussion about Mongolia, Arctic and Antarctic, China and the rest! More than ever, people struggle to survive in a rapidly evolving planet and are compelled to invent a new lifestyle in an effort to adapt to the new conditions. There is, of course, great research in the area of fabrics alongside with a return to traditional methods of manufacturing! This quest for the sustainable, the environmentally-friendly and the efficient is further enhanced by the desire for clothes and accessories that will define the future or what’s next!

New designers brought up super innovative ideas and a youthful approach to design, this time adopted even by the most classical designers; most noticeably  those producing red-carpet eveningwear! It was all about the hipsters, the young people and those who will feel forever young! Within this mood, the prevalence of black mixed with bold accents or details makes completely sense! Young people – especially in NYC – love black and this element of cool darkness! It’s the black of nightclubs, biker culture, grungy chic and black-tie  glamour, which ultimately comes down to the black of timelessness! Black is always flattering and special-occasion! And whichever color falls on top is definitely making a statement! So stay tuned for more of my analysis coming soon!


Elena Sendona

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