More Cities on Silk!

2014cityzen_azin1LA scarf

My favorite upcoming luxury fashion brand Cityzen by Azin  is adding more showstoppers to the initial collection of silk scarves depicting aerial views of cities across the planet.

The new campaign further emphasizes the core concept; an intersection of the human body and the urban landscape. These scarves are an amazing imaginary way of visiting the city of your dreams, and a perfect gift for non-stop travelers. It can almost be a portable map of your destination and a great conversation-starter anywhere.

2014cityzen_azin2Mumbai scarf

I met the designer, Azin Valy, this February at her debuting presentation during the NY Fashion Week and got the opportunity to learn about her vision and her journey through the art world. With a background in Architecture, the co-founder of the award-winning firm I-Beam Design has a holistic and conceptual approach to fashion with an impressive visual perspective.

Her new scarves are further promoting cultural dialogue with cities such as Mumbai, Istanbul, Miami and Shanghai which are quite special and open to be discovered by modern fashionable nomads!

2014cityzen_azin3Istanbul scarf

And beyond that, there is an array of amazing color combos in these creations that can make your look feel unique. They are definitely eye-catching, sophisticated and modern. Azin has an amazing e-shop with her RTW and accessories, and she also encourages suggestions of other cities to be added to her next collections through some sort of on-line voting!

Check also her new amazing video.

Cityzen 2014 Collection Heaven Version from Azin Valy on Vimeo.


Elena Sendona


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