Megan Maguire Steele Presents her Work at Booth 1150 at Spring/Break Art Show New York 2021

A PR expert who also nails it as an artist? A few words from curator Timothy Uriah Steele will definitely tempt you to check her work “Soon You Will See It Her Way” at Booth 1150 at Spring/Break Art Show New York 2021, 11th Floor, 625 Madison Avenue, Wednesday, September 8th through Monday, September 13th!

Artist Megan Maguire Steele has a unique perspective on Hearsay and Heresy. She has an intimate relationship with the chiasmatic practice of wrapping people and brands with image and meaning. By trade, she owns and operates Maguire Steele, her eponymous public relations agency. She actively enchants the populous by generating street cred and internet contagion to make people’s dreams come true.

As an artist, she makes sigils that actualize wishes into realities. She forges these sigils by screen printing, painting, drawing, burning, sticking, smearing; sewing and mending paper, paint, dye, and deconstructed clothing from her own personal wardrobe. For her sigils to take seed and grow beyond the thick walls of orthodoxy, she must hollow out lacey chest cavities and fertilize them with blessings of obsessive image repetition. Blessings that swarm and contract into goetic beats that break up consensus perspective. Creating an unnoticeable crack in orthodoxy to allow a slow drip of contagion to pass through the blood brain barrier. Soon you will see it her way. Anything goes; if it proliferates, passes through, and becomes skin. The very idea you see when you look in the mirror is slipped into your pocket quietly enough to become your own egoic orthodoxy.

What used to be called an egregore is now more comfortably framed in cybernetic terms as the emergent intelligence that is birthed from filtered feedback loops. All the talk of AI and the singularity, or the rapture of the geeks, has always been the point of rupture that orthodoxy is nervously holding at bay with Hearsay and Heresy. These are the very same tools used to accelerate the composting of orthodox ways and beliefs. Control is always at the heart of the matter and no amount of talk about a decentered world will ever unwire the social switches in the heart of a social animal. The word on the street, whether from the mouth of a psyop or your revolutionary friend has always gotten its strength through repetition. Megan Maguire Steele knows this and so she repeats images and processes to both build and crash composition. Repetition, simultaneously building up and tearing down, but always riding on its own momentum. Creating curious images which will flip in a flash and seem like they have always been firmly planted, as if they were there all along looking back at us and directing our Likes and dislikes.

The Feedback loops Megan Maguire Steele brings to life through repetition build until cycles break and spill into smears to be hung from the deconstructed garments of days long past. Dreams are walking the morning’s blue stones home after a party that was way too much fun. So much fun that you now see the evening’s art, its clothes, its people through the eyes of their conductor which are peering back at you. You’ve been seen and now you see it her way.

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