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M65 Studio SS18: Cool & Rebellious!

Amidst cool & edgy fashion brands sprinkled with sharp logos and mottos, M65 Studio is a real flashback to those club kids that set the tone for street looks some decades ago.

Instagram: @m65tony

CardiB recently showed up in a captivating red M65 Studio jacket, and the whole style was far away from the M65 Field Jacket that kept American soldiers warm and dry during the Vietnam War.

The M65 Studio collection that was presented back in September 2017 at the Tumblr HQ in New York City, is dazzling and colorful. The whole event was totally uplifting, leaving us with some hope for more honest, unfiltered, and artful days in the fashion world.

Anthony Hendrickson founded M65 Studio in 2016. The studio’s philosophy is centered around the idea that fashion design is no longer confined by the seasons due to increasing weather fluctuations brought on by global warming. The motivation of the brand is heart and soul, and a return to the freedom of childhood. M65studio core design is rooted in denim. Anthony is a native New Yorker, raised in The Bronx.

He studied at Fashion high school of fashion industries and F.I.T., and in addition to his studies, Anthony gained experience working for the likes of DKNY Jeans International, Cloak, Kim Jones, Heatherette and more. The line is highly influenced by the designer’s time as a teen living over a Korean laundromat in The Bronx and his time as a regular at NYC’s nightclub Happy Valley in the early 2000’s. M65 is currently available for inspo via


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