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Lie Sang Bong: The Butterfly Effect!

There where exceptional pieces in this Spring/Summer 2013 Lie Sang Bong Collection showcased during the Paris Fashion Week, and I’ll flamboyantly start with the double-peplum tops as well as those with bell-shaped and other extraordinary sleeves, the adorable butterfly-print raincoats with matching umbrellas, the shirt with its collar twisted to the right and finally some adrenaline-raising cocktail dresses which feature great craftsmanship and influence from the art of sculpture. The butterfly – symbol of transformation – as major inspiration evolves into an architectural and structural reality in which shapes and forms are of paramount importance. The designer’s immense talent and experience was evident in this charming mix of 60’s prints and 50’s tailoring, obviously with a slightly futuristic twist. He takes the whole peplum era to the next level making this last seasons’ obsession more unpredictable and artistic. There are a lot of peplum tops and skirts in this collection but asymmetries, layering and modern patchwork attitude ‘distract them’ favorably leading to a very interesting approach. Transparencies, loose forms, fantastic frilling, under-the-knee lengths, modern draping, smart & fancy details further reinforced the intense visual impact of the creations. Along with the butterfly, the houndstooth motif revealed the carefree but still elegant theme of the collection supported by an exotic color palette of greens, reds and sharp contrasts. Black & white somehow served as the balancing factor accentuating silhouettes and emphasizing motifs. At various outfits we spotted the interplay of different necklines, collars and lapels in shirt-jacket combos quite relevant with the oh-so-popular back-to-school styles this moment. Models were wearing their amazing spring/summer coats, lightweight pants and skirts walking on crazy platform peep-toes and booties – the ultimate accessories for a new kind of total or matchy-matchy look.

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