Let’s Skip Winter!


The WHIT Spring 2014 Presentation by Whitney Pozgay took place at Banchet Flowers, NYC, during the MB Fashion Week, attracting much of attention from fashion fans with its fluency in mixing prints and colors. In WHIT’s collaborative tradition, many of the prints and motifs were pulled from photographer Greg Vore’s imagery, translated by artist friends Jemme Aldridge and Ali Landorf, and in the case of the rooster print, painted by Whitney’s husband and creative partner. The resulting collection features hanging florals, black and white checks taken from Balinese ceremonial cloth, batiks and a colorful bird print on washed silk. Custom eyelets and basket textures come together with rich hues and mixed patterns to give this collection a thoughtful tone. I loved this playful, youthful approach to fashion, as well as the comfiness and elegance it can offer to every woman during the summer! I imagine most of the clothes as the cool essentials to stuff my hot weather vacation luggage with! Just wonderful!!!


Elena Sendona


Photo Credit: Greg Vore


Photo Credit: Timothy Mulcare


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