Larroude x CQY Jeans are Now Available to Shop!

I’ve met Marina Larroudé in her office at Teen Vogue a few years back and she is surely a visionary fashion insider that has worked as a Fashion Director for important fashion names including Barneys more recently. We discussed my brand Feel Good Fur and it became apparent to me that she knows how to put together disparate parts of a very complicated puzzle that represents this industry’s logistics. She can pick out of a thousand of brands the ones that mean the future, in a heartbeat! After a purely American road trip with her family and a quarantine period, this fashion connoisseur is coming back to announce another cool project, her collaboration with CQY Denim. This LA-based brand is known among fashionistas as a sustainability-focused one that creates high-quality jeans that are 40% more affordable thanks to its direct-to-consumer model. Its founder Samuel Ku supports local production. For over a decade, he had been Creative Director at the iconic AG Adriano Goldschmied denim brand, so he really commands the knowledge of creating must-have jeans. Check this amazing collaboration HERE!

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