Jeremy Scott: With Timeless Rebels and Surfers in Mind

He is one of the most playful and inventive designers in the world. He normally goes off the boundaries towards various directions adding a humorist touch to high fashion. Graffiti, newspaper clipping prints, sparkle, and fringes are often part of his namesake collection. Dua Lipa rocked his disruptive aesthetics on stage recently while men and women wearing his colorful dazzling outfits are already feeling like rock stars or like kids in a playground. His boys and girls love attention or they are just thinking of it as something given. We love the neons, the snake motifs, the tie-dye Californian elements and surely the fun accessories. They are wild and innocent at the same time. Jeremy is very smart in creating wonderful themes that takes us to little journeys of fantasy. For 2020, he is ready to meet us on a sunny day drinking cocktails and enjoying the beach!

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