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Greek Elegance in NYC!

Most beloved Greek designer, Vassilis Zoulias, finally made his way to NYC presenting a Fall/Winter 2012/13 demi-couture collection which impressed international Press and fashion industry representatives.

His incredible, classy and poetic show was part of the Nolcha Fashion Week in New York and was organized in collaboration with the Athens Xclusive Designers Week (AXDW) which aims at exporting and promoting Greek fashion all over the world.

The New-Look-New-York-themed collection explored a variety of classic fabrics such as cashmere, crepe marocain, duchesse satin, shantoung and taffeta as well as Haute Couture techniques that are practiced for endless years by the best tailors. It was homage to timeless icons, elegant women that graced the world of fashion during the Golden Age of Haute Couture. This retro-chic atmosphere that still influences our style was the subject-matter of Zoulias’ first contact with the NYC audience.

Vassilis Zoulias is a warm supporter and representative of the classic look, that one reflected on many Old Hollywood divas and previous decades’ French movie stars. He loves Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and all those amazing women of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s who made covers and captured the lenses of famous photographers. His romantic, luxurious, luminous and warm atelier, downtown Athens, is a time-machine that helps us travel to these sublime periods of glamour when women took care of every detail in their looks, never leaving behind their hat, gloves and glorious heels. It’s difficult to imagine, but this was the landscape in late 50’s and 60’s even in Athens, which is why he names his fashion house as Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias – Old Athens.

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