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Jacobs is The One!

I am stunned, as everybody else in the fashion world at the moment, by the level of sophistication achieved by Marc Jacobs in his Fall/Winter 2012/13 Collection presented at the MB New York Fashion Week! It wasn’t just a fairytale-themed show. It turned out to be mythical, iconic and fabulous. The whole audience was left speechless and amazed by his gorgeous hats, his beautifully shaped below-knee skirts, his whimsical combinations of fabrics, his unique forms in short jackets (some of them cape-like), his ability to reinvent himself from one show to the next, from one collection to the next, from one brand to another. He’s never the same, never boring, always insanely surprising. I love the shoes, produced by the way with many different height heels, for better convenience and customization in looks, and I truely believe that the landscape he creates every time for us, is so powerful that approaches a legend. What didn’t impressed me from this show? Just the bags. Didn’t notice them at all!

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