Retired and Hot!


He’s just retired from professional soccer but honestly he’s too hot and young to retire completely. David Beckham, 38, gives one more hint at his potential with his breath-taking photo-shoot for the new H&M Bodywear campaign. Seductively tattooed and toned, punkishly hair-styled and naturally posing, this man is still breaking hearts! Sorry girls! He’s so much in love with fabulous Victoria that he seems he’s posing only for her. Anyway, this image is still candy for your eyes! H&M smartly collaborates with the hottest celebs and designers on earth, attracting ever larger audience who’s craving for the latest trends at affordable prices. Remember the recent shoot with Beyonce and you’ll understand what I’m saying… As for David, who knows what’s coming next in his career! He can pose forever as a model, become an actor as it’s rumored, or get involved more actively in the fashion industry and help his wife in building up the super-brand! Going to be a coach? That’s possible too, but for us, he’s too handsome and cool to return to the field! Hollywood is flirting with him…


Elena Sendona

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