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FW23 Haute Couture: Vex Latex x Thom Browne

On July 3rd, Thom Browne held his first haute couture show in Paris, celebrating the 20th anniversary of his business. Custom latex elements that were paired with the dramatic collection were made exclusively by Vex Latex.

Laura Petrielli-Pulice, the one-woman designer behind the over 20 year old latex brand, crafted an array of pieces with precise accents that are the famous details synonymous with the Thom Browne label. The custom latex accessories and garments included catsuits, bodysuits, a mix of gloves, socks, stockings, and skull caps. Each latex piece was hand-crafted and made by Petrielli-Pulice in her Long Beach, CA atelier.

Over the last two decades, Vex has created countless handmade latex pieces and has transformed their clients. Vex style is fashion with a hint of fetish. The pieces are elegant and sexy, blending the classic with irresistible allure. Each Vex piece is made with timelessness in mind: with proper care, it is forever captivating.

Latex, as opposed to vinyl or some types of rubber, is a natural fiber and comes from a tree. In fact, it was named from the liquid produced by certain trees and the name “latex” means “liquid” in Latin. While often mistaken for latex, vinyl and rubber are actually synthetic and man-made. Because of its versatility, latex is harvested and used all around the world and is produced into a wide variety of products. Even better, the harvesting of latex is an eco-friendly, sustainable process.

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