Fergie Has a Perfume As Well

fergie_perfume1Fergie, as most respectable music stars do, is launching her first fragrance. It’s called “Outspoken” and was created in collaboration with Avon. The combination of scents is sensual and seductive. Its top notes are frozen black currant, starfruit and wild saffron, while the core includes tuberose, jasmine and passionflower and the base ebony, leather and vetiver. The bottle is inspired by Fergie’s wedding. The fragrance line includes also a 150 ml perfumed body cream and will be on the market at the end of May 2010. Look at the photo shoot. I love it!

H Fergie αποκτά αυτή τη σεζόν το δικό της άρωμα σε συνεργασία με την εταιρία καλλυντικών Avon. Η χυμώδης ερμηνεύτρια επέλεξε σαγηνευτικές νότες όπως της τουμπερόζας που λατρεύω!

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