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Jackie Fraser-Swan is a very talented person and her work at Emerson attracted my attention during the MB Fashion Week in NYC this September. It’s a great pleasure for me and you, to have some interesting answers to questions I was keeping in my mind for months! Attending her S/S 2012 Emerson show back then, opened up another window to what is ‘fashionality’ and how we define it on an everyday basis.

F: How would you characterize your approach to fashion as well as the style you promote through your work?

JFS: I design for the strong modern women of today. The woman that feels comfortable in her own skin-the individualist.

F: Which comes first as a determining factor of the final product when you want to design a new collection? Fabrics and materials, or forms, lines, and tailoring?

JFS: Picking out my fabrics and the finals forms/lines/tailoring go hand-in-hand. I can pick up a fabric that fits perfectly with my inspirations for the season and have it spark a few new ideas instantly.

F: Which factors made you convinced about your career choice and which still define your position in the fashion industry?

JFS: Having a natural talent for design and having the support of my family.

F: How do you feel about fashion icons and IT girls? Do you have some?

JFS: I’m inspired by all sorts of women, some of them are “it girls”, some are fashion icons, and some are rock icons. I don’t really have an opinion of them. I just know who inspires me.

EMERSON Spring/Summer 2012 from EMERSON on Vimeo.

F: What inspires you creating in the first place?

JFS: I never know where my inspiration is going to come from, but it usually starts with one thing and evolves into many. Just as my collection does as I’m in the design process.

F: Which colors and details stand out for the Holiday season according to you?

JFS: Personally, I am perfectly comfortable wearing a pair of black skinny jeans with a button down top-usually a black/white combo. For New Year’s, I may step it up a little depending on where I’m going.

F: Which was the main purpose, as well as your target group, of your Spring/Summer 2012 Collection you showcased this September during the MB Fashion Week in NYC?

JFS: I wanted to introduce EMERSON to the NYFW scene, and give people a breath of fresh air-something new and exciting-a brand that I plan on making a household name.

F: I’ve read about many fashion talents coming from Boston and doing important things in this industry. Does this city have some sort of tradition or just good fashion education establishments?

JFS: We are aware that people want the latest and greatest-because we want it too. People from here are very proud to call Boston their home; we certainly have deep rooted family traditions. I would love to see more talent showcased from Boston. We have a few good schools for fashion design-however the lack of resources/supplies for aspiring designers can be frustrating. The garment district in NYC is essential for these students.

F: Which are your trends and suggestions for elegant all-day-and-night looks this winter?

JFS: A classic leather jacket, peacoat with an edge, skinny jeans and a great pair of boots.

F: Are there some personalities, pieces of work or mere items in the fashion industry that you can call awesome, ground-breaking and irreplaceable? What do you have immense admiration for?

JFS: The work of Alexander McQueen, the legacy of CoCo Chanel. I have immense admiration for them-as well as the genius that is Karl Lagerfeld.

F: How easy or difficult is it for a designer to improve their technique in terms of processing his materials and making innovation? What does it require to a higher percentage? Imagination or expertise?

JFS: For those with natural talent, we are constantly evolving. The Imagination or expertise are one in the same.

F: What’s your relation with fashion bloggers and street style? Do you get
informed about what’s going on, off the catwalks and the well-known magazines?

JFS: I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some really great bloggers/editors/stylists- as a designer I certainly pay attention to their points of view-as well as staying informed about street style-I am always inspired by those who dress for themselves. After all, that’s who I design for.

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