The Purest Red Carpet Truth!

Most people in the blogosphere are dealing today with the celebrity predicted looks at the coming Golden Globes 2012 more widely than about the award’s actual winners. Fashion goes over art in this case, transcending the limits of artistic excellence and touching base with the needs of pop culture. People are less influenced by the uniqueness of masterpieces and are more inclined towards pieces that can be worn, used and repeated. Over the last years we’ve learnt to praise effortless elegance at the expense of unnecessary and pretentious sophistication. Going back to natural patterns, we are all trying to retrieve what’s so perfect in them ending up with the obvious conclusion that they just represent the truth, the core and essence of our existence.

Fashion’s reality lies between wearability and experimentation, a dilemma that is the deeper cause for such a variety in this market – from Haute Couture and Prêt-a-Porter to High Street, Affordable and Vintage. Depending on which side you are closer on the scales, you can be dressed in less or more beautiful, comfy and original cloths. This is more or less what people can watch on the red carpet, as opposed to what the same celebs adopt in their everyday life. Most predicted red carpet looks are highly related to the superficial face of the stars and people realizing this illusion, happen to find their ‘faves’ at the awards among the ones who are more genuine and true to themselves. Daring people can be daring in fashion as well and at all times. Those, on the other hand, loving the classic nature of things, will be convincingly classic twenty four hours a day. What I am implying here, is that this generation has an increasing respect for fashion that reflects character, personality and ‘opinion’, and I may call this attitude surprisingly mature. Editors and stylists adore effortless looks and encourage everybody to discover their own ‘it’ items – those ones 100% suitable to their personal desires. Variety in the fashion industry means more freedom to all of us – the majority of whom cannot have custom-made outfits for all occasions as it used to happen in old times when everybody had a sewing machine and could make perfect or less perfect cloths according to talent and degree of mastering this basic equipment.

Red-carpet divas honor Couturiers with their choices but once again the key to a stunning presence is honesty, originality and consistency. Trying to be somebody else is self-defeating – a denial to what you really are. I am insisting on that, not only because it’s a very hot awards-period, but also with great responsibility towards my readers. You all have the right to be and look wonderful. Just reveal your-inner-magic-selves! You can redeem this piece of advice during the upcoming fashion weeks all over the world, appearing as attention-grabbing fashionistas, to be extensively commented and discussed on the next magazine issues and online posts.

I am very fortunate that one of my closest friends supports my fashion thesis in practice, making statement looks all day long which absolutely decipher her personality traits. She’s a passionate fashion-lover making easily fashion industry predictions such as ‘which is the next hot item’, ‘who is the next promising designer’ and ‘what is going to be a true investment piece’. I am looking for the right arguments to turn her from an introvert to an extrovert, as for the time being she keeps this intuitive treasure for herself and doesn’t share it with a broader audience. I hope to be able to introduce her to you at some point. People like her teach me the way to treat fashion as serious stuff that can bring happiness to you. Digging to the essence of it I found out some other wondrous fashion personalities such as Suzie Bubble, a blogger that can take me off with her fresh, sophisticated, thoughtful and well-written articles which reflect deep knowledge of the subject and pure talent. She’s is ready for big things and I really can’t put in words my admiration for her.

Such charismatic persons are really necessary in making fashion move forward and faster to an amazingly stylish future with celebrities who are dressed in more impressive and meaningful outfits than those adopted recently at 2012 People’s Choice Awards, an event that featured only a handful of really charming looks – among them Ginnifer Goodwin’s. Nobody there left me speechless, though. I would just recommend them to get rid of all red-carpet clichés and go for the effortless femininity Kate Winslet suggests talking about the recently presented St. John Spring ads she stars. ‘Women with a shape’ is her phrase that stresses the idea of being real and flawless at the same time. The closer you are to reality, the lesser so-called imperfections you have. After all Nature knows better than we do and the only path to define how ‘perfect’ something is, seems to be comparing to its natural prototype, primary source or material. Deviation from this simple rule, can lead you to the ‘misses’ remembered on a recent Huffington Post article – along with the ‘hits’ – from previous years’ Golden Globes.

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