Holiday Flavors and Colors!

It’s been a wonderful holiday season in the Greek mountains, with our best friends around us. I really enjoyed their company, as well as Greek hospitality, food and night life. We all had an amazing New Year’s Eve, dancing, chatting, listening to the music and drinking champagne. But the party wasn’t over that very night. We spent many more nights celebrating, before and after New Year’s Eve, and we also visited the mountains for snowboard and ski adventurous moments. Low temperatures are so refreshing and snow is something more than the white color. It’s the climax of an experience which culminates in the evenings close to the fireplace, which creamy drinks and desserts, jokes and casual New Year resolutions. It was one of the most exciting Eves, with all people being thankful for what they still enjoy, promising creativity and positive attitude in the future. Once again, Happy New Year, my friends!

It’s candles, though they look like desserts!

We were at a café when a group of young locals appeared singing carols in their traditional costumes!

Getting dressed for snowboard! Wearing O’Neill ski pants and Adidas by Stella McCartney top.

Up in the Greek mountains just after my snowboard experience in Icepeak snowboard jacket, O’Neill ski pants and Dior aprés-ski boots

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