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That Show was Really… NY

diesel_gold1Fashion shows exhibiting an abundance of almost imaginary scenes and photos similar to the digitally processed which are produced with the help of advanced design software, are rare. Nevertheless, NY is always available as the unbelievable background which is going to transform runway’s animates into urban creatures synced with the city’s vibes. The pictures everybody could get from such an exprerience are hard to believe that ever existed. Diesel Black Gold Collection by Greek designer Sophia Kokosalaki was presented at a show directed in great detail so as to harmoniously combine the coolest every-day, wearable luxuries with the most adorable, breathtaking view an individual has the privilege to enjoy, when in NY. It isn’t about the cloths. The city is the whole issue we are discussing with Diesel. That’s lifestyle that focuses on high energy-and-magnetism fashion, attractive to the masses – understandable to the fashionistas.

diesel_gold3A series of curtains, hiding at the beggining the Manhattan setting, were falling down – one by one – following the movement of the first model walking on this runway. Before going back to the backstage area, the models had the chance of being incorporated to the gorgeous buildings’ atmosphere, that one which makes everybody looking at the sky. Pier 92, revealing to the audience the NY skyline, was the ultimate undustrial setting for such an impressive hip collection, full of airy silk dresses, flared pants (not skinny anymore) and “sundried” leather pieces. No jeans were present at the show, since jeans is just a given for the brand. The desert colors, predominant from top to toe, made the strongest statement for next spring and summer.

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Ένα απίστευτο, ιδανικό για NY, show μας επιφύλλαξε η Diesel Black Gold Collection με δημιουργίες σχεδιασμένες και σκηνοθετημένες στο πνεύμα αυτής της ασύγκριτης πόλης. Στους κλειστούς αποθηκευτικούς χώρους μιας από τις περίφημες προβλήτες, απολαύσαμε μοντέλα και τοπίο σε τέλεια συνύπαρξη! Τα ψηλά κτίρια και οι ψηλόλιγνες φιγούρες των μοντέλων μας προκάλεσαν αμέτρητα επιφωνήματα, καθώς το match ήταν άπαιχτο!

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