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Custo Barcelona SS18: Signature Color & Texture Mix & Match!

When thinking of Mediterranean-inspired colorful style and hot Ibiza nights, Custo Barcelona SS18 is definitely your go-to collection with signature patchwork elements that bring you closer to summer glam.
Custo Barcelona’s SS18 collection that was shown in New York back in September is entitled Call Me Tomorrow and features innovative experimentations with fabric and design: The blending of technological and traditional materials results in a new style that is not strictly futuristic but certainly advanced in its bold designs.
The inspiration of deluxe activewear permeates this collection, which has its roots in movements like hip-hop and a strong street spirit, its energy and vitality. For women, Call Me Tomorrow offers proportions and volumes that peel off the body but maintain all femininity thanks to very lightweight fabrics and subtle transparencies.
Dresses are the main focus of the women’s collection. They feature radical asymmetries and detailed hemlines, a strong activewear inspiration, and enveloping drapes and pleats. The looks are completed with maxi coats made with spectacular fabrics and an oversize pattern using translucid organzas and technological fabrics with a subtle sheen, or bomber jackets made with experimental fabrics, embroidery, and lace that show volumes and pieces inspired by the men’s wardrobe.
Vibrant colors like yellow, turquoise, fuchsia, sky blue, eggplant, and orange, as well as white and black, are blended with the iridescent shimmer of metals like gold, silver, and copper. There is constant dialogue between Custo Barcelona’s women’s and men’s collections. The men’s collection enhances the women’s looks, and vice versa. Both intermingle and blur their borders: It is as feminine for her to wear a man’s look as it is masculine for him to wear a totally embroidered bomber jacket, replacing the structured blazer.
The men’s collection is also inspired by activewear mixed with casual loose contours. Comfortable jogging pants and ones wide below the knee or with an oversized pattern, all embellished with metallic passementerie and strips of jacquard, are combined with sweatshirts and T-shirts made with experimental fabrics.
Elena Sendona

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