Christian Siriano is Forever Fierce!

Beyond talented and with strong work ethic, Christian Siriano at 33-years-old is already a red carpet staple. A-listers such as Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Zendaya are stunning the world clad in Siriano’s ‘clouds’, as fashion insiders describe the ginormous ruffle tulle creations in an array or cool fashionable colors.

He is never intimidated by an extra long train, a super billowy skirt, or extreme glamour. Additionally to a celebration of femininity, the young designer is often displaying a great deal of artistic flair, lately noticed in the surrealist dress he created for Janelle Monae on the occasion of the Met Gala. His dresses – and as a result his muses – own the red carpet, the catwalk, and the streets! It’s pure expression of unashamed beauty at any age, body type, gender, skin color, or status.

From Ashley Graham to Karlie Kloss, his runway models give the full range of modern-day elegance. He even transferred the signature aesthetics onto fearless Billy Porter who appeared at the Oscars dressed in the so-called ‘tuxedo gown’. Creativity has not boundaries for him and his daring clients. Thinking of adopting an epic bridal or eveningwear look? Think of Siriano!

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