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Batsheva Fall/Winter 2022: Retro Done Uniquely

This was definitely one of the most eye-catching and sophisticated FW22 Collections presented during this NYFW. It carries with it a retro-Victorian flair that seems to be visible in other recent collections, yet it does it in a more inventive and eclectic way.

Batsheva is a New York-based ready-to-wear brand for women and girls. Founded in 2016 by Batsheva Hay, Batsheva plays with American styles of feminine dress – from Victorian to Pioneer; from Housewife to Hippie – by taking elements symbolic of restraint and repression (high collars, voluminous sleeves, and skirts) and giving them a modern inflection.

By retooling historical looks, Batsheva explores how to extract the strong and beautiful aspects of those styles while rejecting antiquated notions of womanhood.

As the designer explains, “For Fall, I was inspired by the way I used to dress almost a decade ago, when I was a new mother and just sort of throwing things on myself to wear. I look at old photos and think how natural and timeless those looks were.

This season, I’ve introduced softer shapes and colors, still with some drama, but easier. There is color in the collection, but all of it would look amazing shot on black and white film.”

Colors, lines, details and all appeal to women who appreciate comfort and a fashion edge. Their looks are editorial at all times. Are you ready to become a cover girl without even trying? That’s the spirit of it!

All photos by Alexei Hay


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