Another Bill Cunningham Photo!

Photo: George & Joyce Mykoniatis

Photo: George & Joyce Mykoniatis

Bill Cunningham is an 80-year-old teenager who holds in his archives the whole evolution of NY style along with notorious, one of a kind celebrity scenes from the city’s street culture! Persons and personalities of great appeal have all been captured by his restless lense! It was so unbelievably good that our closest friend George and his wife Joyce, true New Yorkers in attitude and connoiseurs of NY lifestyle trends managed to take a snapshot of his endless trip around the city and send us this incredibly charming photo with the man behind his camera, in front of his always delicious theme. For us it’s a historic moment – for Bill it’s just a segment of his everyday reality! George proved quite ambitious at this lucky coincidence, asking for a pose with him. But Bill skipped him like a true gentleman with an elegant and smart “hold on for a second, sir,” seduced as he was by his next in row theme in Union Square. Bill wasn’t a snob, just too busy to stop and greet anybody!
P.S. George was fortunate enough to be inside this photo frame thanks to his reflexes and Joyce’s magic shot!

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