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Anna Bekiri: The New Greek Wizard of Fabrics

bekiri1We are really impressed with her talent to work on fabric and create beautiful flounced dresses, pieces of art for your wedding and not only. Anna Bekiri’s work on layered, sculpted, full skirts of wedding dresses left the judges at the Athens Xclusive Designers Week Awards speechless – among them famous fashion designers Vassilis Zoulias and Vrettos Vrettakos who were caught with a speculative eye on her wedding dresses’ flounces. Apart from those, there were also cocktail and party dresses, characterized by a synthesis of different and uniquely treated luxury fabrics. The whole style was a mixture of romanticism and dynamism, but the big issue was her skills in tailoring and her deep knowledge of fabrics. She played with her material in an ultra feminine way, evident also on what she was wearing at the finale of her Spring/Summer 2010/11 fashion show. I adore her wedding dress with the big-heart motif…

Η Anna Bekiri μας εντυπωσίασε με τον τρόπο που χειρίζεται και επεξεργάζεται το ύφασμα για να φτιάξει πλούσιες φούστες με πολλαπλές πτυχώσεις και φραμπαλάδες για τα νυφικά της αλλά και γενικότερα ρομαντικά φορέματα για εξαιρετικά θηλυκές εμφανίσεις. Μπορεί να μην κέρδισε το πρώτο βραβείο, όμως σίγουρα συζητήθηκε πολύ.

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