I Love Fashionable Crowds!

fashion_crowd1Those photos depict real fashionable life, that one dominated by peculiar accessories, colors, avant-garde forms, experimental looks, fancy hair, street or even posh attitude. They are photos from London Fashion Week in September 2009, and I feel lucky that I happened to be there (on purpose). I adore those girls and boys, women and men who effortlessly or courageously, make bold fashion statements, sometimes far more interesting than those on catwalks. They reproduce catwalk style in a fearless way, ignoring bitter comments or indiscreet glances. They are proud of what they wear and they do not pretend of being disturbed by professional and amateur cameras shooting at them like snipers. They go ahead with their fashionable stuff, ready to grab attention, hoping to get smiles from those around them. Playful or thoughtful, most guys in Somerset House, in London, were adorable.

Αν δείτε το κοινό της Εβδομάδας Μόδας στο Λονδίνο θα το λατρέψετε. Είναι απενοχοποιημένο, τολμηρό, σφύζει από ζωή, λάμψη και δημιουργικότητα!

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