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Angelos Frentzos: A Fashion Musical!

It was a high energy fashion show with many directional tricks combined with Zand the Band performance, a new age musical about love and desire. Evelina Papoulia the star of the night played a strange but quite connective role to the whole show which included a lot of unusual, uncommon elements that shocked and pleased the audience, according to preferences. Highlight of the models’ looks was the avatar-like face painting by MAC cosmetics and Zand the Band’s styles, quite eccentric and at some point provocative. As far as Frentzos’ collection, there was a lot of black, metalware, knitwear, asymmetries and interplay of volumes. Many details have a clear reference to the rock culture while others to heavy metal. Quite imaginative, consistent and thematic, his collection excited many young people and especially fashionistas. We loved the cheerful vibes at the finale of the show and we also adored the live songs accompanying barefoot ladies and gentlemen on the catwalk!
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