7 Fashion Icons That Inspire You to Be Bold!

It’s not easy for some women to tap into color or a new unexpected silhouette unless they see it on a famous model, actor, or a fashion influencer in its coolest version. Street style images flooding the social media scene have multiplied our options with styles and combinations we never imagined before. People are obsessed with celebrity style and with women who dare to stand out in fashionable ways. Let’s see what we can learn from the icons!



She’s sweet and girly but with a hard edge. Mixing lace, frills and sequins with studs and leather is at the core of her fashion vocabulary. Her bodycon dresses, mini-skirts, jumpsuits and cropped tops are all intending to create the perfect silhouette. She knows how to enhance her modelesque physique without looking cheap, in a sophisticated and classy way.



Tomboy when off-duty and during the day, transforming into a sex bomb by night or at glam events! Her beanies, crazy prints, oversized looks, mirrored sunnies and cutting-edge sneakers have all that playful vibe, yet her stilettos, plunging necklines, red lips and black & white eveningwear redefine the idea of a youthful red carpet look!



She knows how to reveal some skin, always in style. Her spaghetti straps, side-boob looks, skinny jeans, leather pants, fedora hats and boots exude confidence. She loves neutrals for off-duty and a bold color palette for her official outings. Most of her gowns are of the Grecian, ethereal type!



Her style is sleek, polished and lady-like but with some sass to it. She never abandons her high-heels and she always adds a visually appealing parameter, either a monochrome leggy silhouette or a bold motif. Her style evolution is a case study for all fashionistas on earth and her red carpet choices bodycon, sharp and daring, are meant to set the trends!



She has a rocker vibe into almost any outfit, off-duty or evening. She loves fluffy fur coats with leather pants and booties, cut-off denim shorts, blazers with T-shirts underneath, and animal prints! She’s donned some of the most iconic red carpet looks, choosing all-black and metallics, or fearless see-throughs!



This British girl that adopted elements for her current American reality, is a good mixer of contrasts and cultures. She’s laidback and chic, sometimes bearing an appreciation for French style too. Florals and marinière stripes get along with neutrals in her wardrobe. Her quirky androgynous combinations are always balanced with a retro feel. Most of her day silhouettes are leggy and it seems that the longest she can wear in the evenings is the tea-length!



She’s a genuine fashionista, which is quite rare for actresses trusting only their stylist. She can be a rocker, a romantic girl, a sporty, classic or boho-chic lady; in fact a true chameleon. We’ve seen her invariably in ripped jeans and blazers, floral sun dresses and natural hair, ballerinas and button-ups, bohemian dresses and rain-boots, even in fairytale gowns. She’s not shy with colors and never abandons her experimental mood!

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