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10 Corso Como: Navigating Transformation & Tradition

Milan Fashion Week has always been a crucible of creativity, where tradition meets the cutting edge, and this year was no exception. On February 20, 2024, 10 Corso Como, under the visionary guidance of Tiziana Fausti, opened its doors to reveal spaces entirely reimagined by the interdisciplinary agency 2050+. The result was a breathtaking blend of the building’s original industrial character and modern innovation, creating a venue that itself felt like a piece of contemporary art.

10 Corso Como, Project-Room, Photo-credit: ©Alessandro Saletta, DSL Studio

The Gallery and Project Room were transformed into a “selective archaeology” site, stripping back layers to reveal the essence of early 20th-century industrial Milan while infusing it with a modern twist. This innovative approach allowed for a dynamic, flexible environment that could easily adapt to the diverse needs of exhibitions, talks, and meetings.

10 Corso Como Galleria_Happy Birthday Louise Parker by Roe Ethridge, Photo credit: ©Alessandro Saletta, DSL Studio

The main attraction was the exhibition of American artist Roe Ethridge, “Happy Birthday Louise Parker,” curated by Alessandro Rabottini. Ethridge’s work, displayed for the first time in Italy, offered a profound exploration of photography’s historical implications and contemporary paradoxes. With over thirty iconic pictures and large-format works, Ethridge seamlessly navigated between visual art and fashion photography, showcasing his unique, unconventional style.

10 Corso Como, Project Room, Pietro Consagra. Ornamenti, Photo credit: ©Alessandro Saletta, DSL Studio

Adjacent to this, the Project Room hosted the “Pietro Consagra. Ornaments” exhibition, curated by Alessio de’Navasques. This rare excursion into the jewelry of Pietro Consagra, a master of Italian abstractionism, presented pieces that transcended mere aesthetic purpose, reflecting a political and conceptual symbolism. The exhibition, accompanied by precious documents and rare vintage photos by Ugo Mulas, provided a unique insight into Consagra’s artistic journey.

10 Corso Como, Project Room, Photo-credit: ©Alessandro Saletta, DSL Studio

Simultaneously, “The Alchemical Plane” showcased signature design pieces and rare books, emphasizing the alchemical transformation of materials and ideas—a theme that resonated deeply with 10 Corso Como’s new phase. This curated selection, overseen by Domitilla Dardi, embodied the harmonious fusion of design, art, photography, and more, underscoring the concept store’s legacy as a platform for cultural exchange and innovation.

10 Corso Como, Galleria, Happy Birthday Louise Parker by Roe Ethridge, Louise, Photo credit: ©Roe Ethridge

Tiziana Fausti’s ambition to foster a dialogue between fashion and photography, art and design, was palpably realized in this presentation. The exhibitions not only paid homage to the creative forces of Roe Ethridge and Pietro Consagra but also paved the way for future explorations of sustainability, activism, and human relations through archival research and technological innovation.

10 Corso Como, Galleria, Happy Birthday Louise Parker by Roe Ethridge, Photo credit: ©Alessandro Saletta, DSL Studio

As I walked through the redesigned spaces of 10 Corso Como, it was clear that this wasn’t just a renovation but a rebirth. The blend of past and present, the dialogue between different forms of creativity, and the commitment to a sustainable future were all palpable. Fausti’s vision for 10 Corso Como as a vibrant, ever-changing platform where art, fashion, and culture meet was vividly brought to life.

The event at 10 Corso Como were not merely a presentation; it was a declaration of the store’s evolving identity. By weaving together the threads of Milan’s rich historical tapestry with the vibrant hues of contemporary creativity, 10 Corso Como has embarked on a new chapter, one that promises to keep it at the forefront of Milan’s cultural scene for years to come.

Exhibition details:
February 21 – April 5, 2024
Opening hours: daily, 10:30am – 7:30pm
Free admission

Roe Ethridge – Happy Birthday Louise Parker
Curated by Alessandro Rabottini
10·Corso·Como, Gallery

Pietro Consagra. Ornamenti
Curated by Alessio de’ Navasques
10·Corso·Como, Project Room

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