What’s Behind this Gaga Cover?

Since I’m a recent American Vogue subscriber and it’s late August, I just received the ‘Bible’ and I’m so happy for this! The September Issue is so heavy! 916 pages of Haute Style saga is not a simple matter. In fact, it can really complicate things to a great extent! New dilemmas to the forefront, new articles to read, a whole new reality that somehow encourages you to change attitude, be more experimental with fashion, more demanding when it comes to shopping! This miraculous evolution of needs and the ever-shifting prerogatives in a woman’s mind is a huge concern. Do I have to reinvent myself or just mine my inner world and discover new gems? Do I know myself well or will these fancy, glamorous pages reveal more of my unearthed brilliance? First thing on the list is to read Anna Wintour’s Editorial. I need a quiet, atmospheric, beautiful place for that, perhaps my super comfy, ultra soft sofa at home! She is the woman who sets the tone, and I have to really digest her seasonal mood. NY Fashion Week is coming soon and she’s definitely the ‘queen of the party’! More that anyone else in the fashion industry, she knows what the actual agenda of the designers will be! What to say? Looking forward to it! And in the meantime… let’s read Vogue, or better yet study it! By the way, Lady Gaga on the cover is fab!

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