Victoria’s Secret: Life is Pink

vs_pink1A collection of three new perfumes in fancy, collectable bottles is the way Victoria’s Secret welcomes spring and summer. Each of them has a different character but all of them are so girly that will seduce you. Let’s introduce them to you!

Wish Pink. It’s a soft and romantic blend of peony and vanilla. The bottle is heart-shaped, colored fuchsia and adorned with a rainbow tinted ‘peace’ jewel.

Live Pink. It’s a bright blend of passion fruit and raspberry nectar. Passionate and bold, it attracts girls who are in love with life. The bottle is yellow, daisy-shaped and bejewelled with an elegant butterfly.

Hope Pink. It’s a clean and fresh blend of strawberry and jasmine petals. It celebrates youth and natural beauty. The bottle’s shape derives from the peace symbol and is adorned with ‘daisy’ jewels.

Είδατε τα νέα συλλεκτικά αρώματα Victoria’s Secret; Με μοναδικά σχήματα καλωσορίζουν την Άνοιξη και ομορφαίνουν την τουαλέτα σας! Τρία μοναδικά μπουκάλια και τρία διαφορετικά αρώματα για girly εμφανίσεις…

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