Use the Sponge!

One of the most useful discoveries I recently made was the infamous foundation sponge. I’ve seen it so many times backstage, but honestly never used it. So lately, during one of my brief visits to a department store, I decided to buy one and try my hand at it. I must say that it was truly marvelous, since it rendered application much easier and the result was close to perfection. Now I can understand why most professionals praise it a lot. If you want to apply liquid foundation all over your face for flawless skin, the sponge is the ideal medium. It just smooths out everything and leaves the right amount of product saving you from the cakey effect other applicators and types of foundations create. Keep in mind that you have to clean this sponge twice a week, to avoid infections. You will find the right sponge-and-brush cleanser at various stores and brands, but my own favorite is one from MAC cosmetics. You can also buy a large set of sponges, so as to have backups, while you are cleansing one or two. Previously, anytime I wanted to apply my liquid foundation, I just employed my finger tips. Now, I know that there is a far more advanced way to do it!

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